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Why don't you finish it now?

So what are you saying, Jonathan?

Mr Smith said, "There's no need for the marines."

He did well by me.

Be careful not to overcook the carrots.

Come on into my office.

We're never going to find her.

An idiot like Dan has no place on this team.

Leaders establish unity of purpose and direction of the organization.

Physical changes are directly related to aging.

I have truly loved fake people.

The music was terrific.

How about a game of darts?

Children like fruit juice.

Hitoshi was asleep half the time.

I was just going to express an opinion, when he cut in.

I must have gone past the station while I was taking a nap.

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Tricia says that he has to attend a meeting this afternoon.


Rajesh is better off than he was.

Take as much or as little as you'd like.

I don't think anyone has lived in this house for years.

I have to share an office with Vishal.

I wanted to thank you for what you did today.

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Sanity doesn't understand how that could have happened.

It will be easy.

She ran as fast as possible.

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I thought Courtney would leave the book with Miki.


What were you doing before this?

The President continues to support funding for drug courts, which give first-time, non-violent offenders a chance to serve their sentence, if appropriate, in drug rehabilitation programs that have proven to work better than prison terms in changing behavior.

Phillip wanted to move to Boston.

Don't bother him.

We should act quickly.

Leslie puts aside some money each week.

Sundar wanted to ask Meeks out on a date.

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You just turned the radio on.

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You're my new assistant.

Clyde dreamed of going to college and becoming an astronomer.

They need to be told.


My ears feel stuffy.

I'm sorry to call you this late at night, but I really needed someone to talk to.

The important thing is that you're alive.


Listen! She is going to explain that rule again.

Josip doesn't want to try anything else.

I wanted to be with you.

That is, the 'new' Will, as if there could be two wills of the Creator.

I was with him this afternoon.

Your help isn't required.

"I'd rather get the sack than not join the labour union," said the disgruntled worker.

I'm sorry if I snapped at you.

I have the feeling that I've been here before.

Maybe Tammy and Frank will help.

My mother is very hard to please.


Do you want me to teach you some swear words?

Give my regards to your family.

The man at the door wouldn't tell me his name.

Don't call me when I'm at the office.

She went to sleep and never woke up.

Stores are closed in the afternoon because of the heat.

International law is a branch of law.

Don't look into the box.

Don't tell him I said that.


I did not know that she has a child.


I am very disappointed.

I don't have money to buy a new bike for myself.

I should've thought of this sooner.


It is difficult for me to answer the question.


I love roads.

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It fell to pieces.

The roof of the house is leaking.

He told his stories in a very unusual way.

That's all I have left.

Herb tried to convince Mickey to help him.


Where was Vance then?


This is a glass of water.

Lynn needs more than that.

Something worries me.

Her father killed himself when she was just seven years old.

I'd be willing to pay.

What's the minimum salary in Portugal?

She'll lend you a book.

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Okay! Does everyone understand?

Where did you write them?

Petr looks thinner every day.

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That's why Sanjeev won.


Are you clear about what you have to do?

Do you want to watch this program?

The wind was howling.

Hiroyuki waited there.

I could have been a star.

I actually have to run.

I wonder what happened to Paul.

I may go to Boston tomorrow.

Matthias couldn't stand the pain any longer.

The project is now in progress.

I want you to tell Dave to go home.

It's better for me to have a fish than a bird.

That is not the case in Japan.

I think he will soon catch up with us.

You're on your own.

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Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.

Jarmo won't be around next year.

I heard some reggae music playing in the distance.

Because Vasilissa was the greatest beauty in the whole village, her stepmother and her two daughters envied and hated her.

I wish I could have spoken more English.


Fay has been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.

I hope I can do this.

He washed the blood off his hands.

We used to work for Naomi.

Each time I see this picture, I remember my father.

Steering wheels of American cars are on the left side.

Our profits exceeded even the most optimistic estimates announced last year.


Milk is of great value to babies.

Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

The horse doesn't have horns; the ox and the sheep have horns.


The rain is finally clearing up.

There are footprints of a cat on the table.

I sold one.

Don't believe anything they say.

I have not forgotten your treachery.

Harold isn't here.

Which country are you from?

We cannot exist without water.

While she distracted Jianyun, her boyfriend stole his wallet.

The plate slipped from my hands and fell to the floor.

He ran a hand through his hair.


The fluency of your English is amazing.


Mr Wilder gave me your e-mail address.

Why would anybody want to hurt Knut?

How can I tell if I'm really in love?

Eddie noticed something out of the ordinary in the alley.

We have to find out what Mark needs.

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Couldn't they have picked a better time?

Lex might not agree.

A win is a win!

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You're a good kisser.

How is it going with him?

Even Lenny was having fun today.

I like to eat out.

What's up there?

He let me work in this office.

I swear what I told you is true.

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I'm really not much of a guitarist.


Nadeem is folding his shirt.

Kamel seems to hardly ever get his homework done on time.

Kazuhiro didn't seem totally convinced.

Is this the Oosakayaki I hear about?

Do you really want me to go right now?

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I want to see the video!


Lewis seems to have left the country.

"A passionate kiss scene in a school corridor ... I've heard all about it!" "It wasn't passionate! That's an exaggeration..."

Randolph came up behind me and put his arms around my waist.

Aaron died from asphyxiation.

There is heavy traffic on this street.

They are weaving a carpet.

What's everyone staring at?

I have no food.

What's always on your mind?

I can't believe he kissed you.

Do you know who he is?


I'd like to see your sister.

Where's the package you wanted me to deliver?

Carter caught Ning.

Major finished his homework.

We have a ways to go.

This is definitely not what I had in mind.

I don't know what you think.